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Day Seven: PANAMA!

After yesterday's long day of transit and travel, we were so excited to touch down in Panama. We were lucky to have a needed sleep in this morning before a quick bus trip from the new Panama to the old town. An historic setting with the magnificent Our Lady of Mercy Church. Archbishop Peter and Fr Dishan led us through a beautiful Mass followed by a quick Q&A Catechesis on the Mass. Throughout our whole pilgrimage. Archbishop Peter has taken time to answer all our pilgrim questions no matter how challenging or seemingly trivial.
After Mass, we received our pilgrim packs - our WYD back packs with our passes, tshirts, hats, bandanas, booklets and more! Now we are officially part of the World Youth Day experience as it kicks off tomorrow with our Aussie gathering and the opening Mass.
After a quick bite in small groups, we descended upon the city of Panama, exploring the shops and streets. Many took the opportunity to watch the amazing Panama Canal in full flight 

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