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Day nine (part a): Catechesis

Today we are posting a little earlier than usual. The day in Panama is only half way through. This morning we had Catechesis first up. Bishop Edward Burns, the Bishop of Dallas, Texas focused on Here I am Lord. At the conclusion of the Catechesis there is Q&A time, followed by Mass. Our Catechesis site is for English speaking pilgrims so there were other Australians, English, Canadians, Americans, South Africans and some pilgrims from Trinidad and Tobago near us. After Mass some groups made their way to Omar Park where many of the youth events happen - there is a stage for music, a place to talk to different religious orders and an opportunity for the sacrament of confession.
The Pope is due to land in Panama this afternoon and possibly drive by and large crowds are forming along the main street but our group is aiming to head to a bog concert tonight. More on that in tomorrow's blog. 

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