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More great pilgrim images

Lots of great pilgrim images came through overnight! Stay tuned for more!

A little pilgrim tale:

Spraining your ankle playing footy isn't the best way to start World Youth Day, you feel like its over, you won't be able to experience it to its fullest, but my sprained ankle shown me mercy in the most incredible and surprising way. After being on crutches for the second day, I was quite fatigued and it didn't help that the taxi driver couldn't drive any closer to blonia Park, as the weather was turning for the worse, I started hobbling the 2 or so kilometres it was until the park for opening mass. As I was quite sore, my pace was slow, which is when I hear someone offer to carry me, but at first I was too prideful to accept, but he insisted so I couldn't say no. The man who piggy-backed me the distance was James, a pilgrim from Melbourne traveling with the Maitland diocese, and his act of kindness was an incredible display of the mercy of God through others and the willingness of other pilgrims to lend a helping hand, so I can truly say that my sprained ankle was a blessing in disguise

- Josh Alegre, Krakow Connect, Sandhurst Diocese


_MG_2202.JPG  13658948_10205078918451472_7300964855693336732_n.jpg  13681931_10153761435866299_1648106918_o.jpg  13717240_10154435755984319_2163321616740843087_o.jpg  13735042_10154350841726460_2179886997723526060_o.jpg  13754122_632589356915371_2617519378042449881_n.jpg  13833102_10153761436056299_899627366_o.jpg  13833146_10153761436146299_1551413849_o.jpg  13833304_10153761435916299_336958029_o.jpg  13836007_10153761436311299_1548028935_o.jpg  13843412_10153761435981299_615932925_o.jpg  13843626_10153761435921299_387375209_o.jpg  13844198_10153761435961299_267286390_o.jpg  13873020_10153699654786700_578123853666614812_n.jpg  13876573_1173585269347015_9076455762285191208_n.jpg  13879252_1173585076013701_506936151749363436_n.jpg  13880292_10210505401777107_6719165543848314864_n.jpg  13882549_10153700814646700_4025180501397471780_n.jpg  13882552_632589130248727_6730336194646485292_n.jpg  13886877_1144396135582016_204080245135068708_n.jpg