Annaliese Ros (Part-time)

Annaliese began working with the AOY in 2009 and has worked on a variety of large and smaller projects over the years. Annaliese’s faith highlights have included attending five World Youth Days, studying a Certificate in Youth Ministry (2003), volunteering for six months for WYD Sydney (2008) and attending a nine-month Mission school in Rome (2008/9). Annaliese also works part time as a Speech Pathologist and is a member of the Emmanuel Community. During 2017 she is the Acting Director of the AOY.

Leeanne Grima
Leeanne joined the AOY in 2012 as the Special Projects Officer assisting with preparations for World Youth Day 2013. In 2010, she spent a year on mission with Heart’s Home in the Philippines, where she experienced deep encounters of grace in the slums of Manila. She has also spent many years as part of the leadership team at St Peter Chanel Parish in Deer Park, and loves being part of this vibrant community. Prior to joining AOY, Leeanne filled her working days reading and singing songs to children as a public librarian in Melbourne’s West.
Fr Dishan Candappa
Fr Dishan Candappa was born in Colombo, Sri Lanka, and migrated to Australia with his parents and three siblings at the age of 15. After completing high school, he qualified as a Civil Engineer yet felt a call to the priesthood from an early age. He entered Corpus Christi College Seminary before completing his studies in Rome and was ordained in 2009. Fr Dishan has worked at St Mary's Geelong, the partnered parishes of Braybrook and Maidstone, as a chaplain to various hospitals and as an assistant priest at the Cathedral.  He is currently the administrator at St Luke’s Parish, Blackburn South and the chaplain to the AOY. He has a devotion to Our Lady which stems back to saying the family rosary. He also loves the Carmelite charism with a strong admiration of St Teresa of Avila.
Llewy Berchy
Llewy joined the office in 2013 and works as a Parish and School Liaison as well as the contact person of the Melbourne NET team. Llewy is also part of the Young Men of God West leadership team and has previously been a leader at the St. Peter Chanel Youth group in Deer Park. He is currently finishing off his Graduate Diploma in Theology at the Catholic Theological College. 
Jake Santito

 Jake joined the AOY in May 2016. After volunteering on a year of NET in 2014, he has worked in different parishes around the dioceses running youth and young adults groups. Jake has completed a diploma in Theology and Philosophy and is currently studying secondary education at Australia Catholic University. He is passionate about bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to the youth of today. 

Jess Denehy
Jess has joined the AOY as the Director in 2014 after serving as the Youth Ministry Coordinator in the Sale diocese. Jess has extensive experience in youth ministry and has played major roles in the Australian Catholic Youth Festival as well as leading and coordinating groups on World Youth Day pilgrimages across several World Youth Days. She also has an excellent dog, Hugo! :-)
Dexter joined the office at the end of 2016 as the Communications Officer as Kath Spencer takes maternity leave. He will be designing promotional materials,  managing the website and assisting the team in events.  Dexter has studied Multimedia, and worked in the design industry for five years. He is part of the St Peter Chanel Youth Group and is coming off a year of youth ministry working at Emmanuel College. He is very excited about fusing his passion for design and working with youth. 
Annabelle Bosnjak (Casual)
Annabelle joined the AOY at the end of 2015, at the same time she finished two years of full-time volunteer youth work with Youth Mission Team Australia. Having worked in youth groups across the county, Annabelle was excited to start in a casual position that involves youth work and her skills in Administration. Annabelle is studying Midwifery at the Australian Catholic University.
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