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A two-day seminar to inform ongoing youth evangelisation. The seminar will gather researchers, sociologists, theologians, teachers, clergy and youth ministry practitioners from across the country to inform the practice of youth ministry with recent research and analysis.

Keynote Presenters:
• Prof Richard Rymarz – BBI - The Australian Institute of Theological Education
• Dr Philip Hughes – Christian Research Association
• Dr Maeve Heaney – Australian Catholic University
• Stephen Reid – ACBC Pastoral Research Office
• Kelly Paget – Diocese of Broken Bay
• Fr Chris Ryan MGL – Missionaries of God’s Love
• Malcolm Hart – ACBC Office for Youth

Full: $195
Friday only: $130 
Saturday only: $80

Rego inquiries contact:
Archdiocesan Office for Youth Catholic 
Archdiocese of Melbourne 
P: +61 3 92875551

Blueprint is a workshop day offered by the Archdiocesan Office for Youth, designed to support people working or volunteering in youth ministry. Blueprint April 2017 will equip leaders with skills and training to effectively evangelise youth in the ever changing culture of today. Registration includes a take-home resource to support your continuing development in youth ministry. Participants will receive a certificate of completion to recognise their training within the Archdiocese of Melbourne. The day includes a keynote presentation, workshop options, Mass, and great networking opportunities. Lunch is provided and registration online is essential. Registration closes 2nd of April.

In 2017 we have decided to charge $10 for registration for Blueprint. This money will go towards the costs of the day and will enable us to purchase a resource/book for participants to take home to continue their development in youth ministry. We encourage youth leaders to approach their Parishes to contribute to this cost if they need assistance.

Workshop Topics:

§  ACYF Prep- With ACYF only 10 months away we want to help give you practical advice on taking a group to such a big event. This workshop will also cover the finer details of what ACYF will have to offer and how the festival is going to run.

§  Writing a talk and presenting to young people- Presenting information can be tricky. Public speaking can be nerve racking. There are so many different ways, styles and options to get your point across when speaking to your audience. Whether you are facilitating a gathering, or leading a game, there are a number of skills you need to develop to keep your audience engaged and interested. In this workshop, we will explore a variety of different tools, techniques and tips to prepare you for the various public speaking situations you will come across in your ministry.

§  Navigating Relationships in Youth Ministry- This workshop looks at the policies and laws around working with young people and how to connect with your youth in ways that help them grow in their faith.

§  Social media, Catholic identity and youth ministry- We have created a digital version of ourselves which expresses who we are and connects us to others on many different levels. In this workshop we explore the pros and cons of social media, and the impact it has on our Catholic identity. We look at ways we can navigate social media personally, and how we can use it effectively to serve our ministries.

§  How to approach Euthanasia-Euthanasia is an increasingly important topic in our country. Last year, a parliamentary inquiry recommended an assisted suicide law and a bill will be introduced into parliament by the Victorian Government this year. This workshop will help you explain to young people the Church’s view and why it opposes Euthanasia. It will also give you ways to approach the topic of Euthanasia in a youth group setting.

§  Leading leaders- A team of leaders who feel inspired and supported in their ministry is essential for sustainable youth ministry. This workshop explores strategies for helping your leadership team grow as a community which effectively witnesses to Christ.

WHEN: April 8th
WHERE: 278 Victoria Parade, East Melbourne.
WHO: Everyone
COST: $10

If you are new to youth ministry, we invite you and your team to come along to ‘Called and Sent’, our first ever camp for developing foundations in youth ministry. We’ll be beachside from 10-12 February, taking you deeper into the gospel message at the heart of your call to ministry, equipping you with practical ideas and helping you set goals for 2017. Places are limited!
Called and Sent: Developing foundations in youth ministry for new leaders
10-12 February 2017
Don Bosco Camp, Safety Beach
Cost per participant: $80
Registration (Opening Dec 1) :

A big thanks to all who were able to join us for Blueprint on Saturday 24 September. A selection of workshops and the keynote were filmed. See below!
Keynote: The Bigger Picture presented by Fr Chris Ryan MGL
Coming Down from the Mountain presented by Rhonda O'Connor - How to return from large scale events like World Youth Day or the Australian Catholic Youth Festival or an awesome Camp/Retreat and adjust to life in your youth group.
Amoris Laetita presented by Dr Conor Sweeney- What is it about this apostolic exhortation that we can understand better to help us in Youth Ministry?
Mentoring Leaders presented by Fr Paul Newton - Handing over to the next generation of leaders can be difficult and sometimes they can be hard to identify - this workshop looks at mentoring your future leaders.
Prayer with different age groups presented by the Melbourne NET team -  Learn some techniques and style of prayer to suit different age groups
Seriously Important Stuff You Need to Know presented by AOY and Ciel Neenan - an updated workshop looking at the changes in laws and policies that affect how we work with young people. 
Looking ahead to ACYF Sydney 2017 presented by the AOY - Might seem crazy to think ahead but as we fast approach 2017, we want to help you get the most out of opportunities that ACYF Sydney 2017 will offer with a planning workshop.

Blueprint is a workshop day offered by the Archdiocesan Office for Youth to inspire and support people working in youth ministry. This Blueprint on Sunday 27 September featured two international guests from Life Teen in the US - Stephen Lenahan and Steve Allgeyer. Stephen presented the opening keynote on Understanding Gen Z. This is part of his presentation.

The 2014 Australian Catholic Youth Ministry Convention (ACYMC) was held in Adelaide from 3-5th October. As the name suggests, this was a national convention where youth ministers can meet and learn more about how to effectively minister to young people. The convention includes key note presentations, workshops and liturgies and is also an opportunity to develop informal relationships with other youth ministers and get re-inspired about your ministry. The Convention is held on a two-three year cycle. The next ACYMC is yet to be announced but stay tuned for details.

In 1960, a young university professor, Karol Wojtyla (St Pope John Paul II) wrote Love & Responsibility for his students. It combines penetrating insight with practical advice about friendship, love, and the dynamics between men & women. Join us as we use Edward Sri’s summary of Love & Responsibility to discover a wisdom both timeless and new.

Who: Young adults aged 18-35 years. Stay tuned for next round of discussion groups.



The Second Vatican Council happened long before the young people of today’s Church were born yet  this separation through time did nothing to hinder the enthusiasm of the youth gathered to learn about the council at the Archdiocesan Office for Youth’s Foundations in Vatican II. Over two weeks Church historian Fr. Max Vodola, from the Catholic Theological College, introduced the crowd to the person of Angelo Roncalli (better known as Pope John XXIII) and the council which they’d heard so much about. During this Year of Faith, Fr. Max did much to debunk the crowd’s misconceptions of the council and contextualised not only the council, but how it has affected our current styles of worship and Church. Many of the youth gathered found the talks enlightening, humorous and a great foundational introduction to the Second Vatican Council. The AOY thanks Fr. Max for his involvement and encourage anyone who wants to learn more about the topic, to pick up Fr. Max’s book Friendly Guide to Vatican II from Garrett Publishing. Below is footage from the two evenings combined (note that running time is 1 hour 30 mins)

In March, young adults were given the chance to explore various aspects of the Catholic faith at the Foundations in Faith lecture series. Each session focused on a different topic, from who Jesus is and how we can get to know him and his mission through the scriptures. It also offered participants the opportunity to ask questions about the Catholic faith and its importance in today's world. Below are some notes from the sessions.
  • Who is Jesus? | Speaker: Bishop Timothy Costelloe (download notes)
    The Catholic faith is centered on Jesus Christ. Everything we believe has been revealed in him or through him. But how much do we really know about Jesus? This first session will cover the basic things that the Catholic church teaches us about Jesus including some of the titles used to describe Jesus (and what they can teach us about him), his message and mission, and explore how Jesus is both fully God and fully human.

  • Scripture Basics | Speaker: Fr Stuart Moran (download notes)
    The Scriptures are the best way we have of learning about Jesus, his message and our faith. The second session will focus on the New testament and explain how the scriptures where “written”, what books make up the new testament and why, and what to look for when reading them to learn the most about Jesus and your faith.

  • The Eucharist: Source and Summit | Speaker: Fr Anthony McSweeney SSS
    If there is one thing that distinguishes Catholics from other Christians, it is our devotion to the sacrament of Eucharist. This session will enable you to understand why the Eucharist holds such an important place in Catholic life – and hopefully gain a greater appreciation for what happens every time you attend Mass.

  • Mission and Evangelisation | Speaker: Fr Chris Ryan MGL (download notes)
    Every Christian, by virtue of Baptism, is called to evangelise! That doesn’t mean you are being asked to stand at Flinders St station with a loud speaker to tell people about Jesus – but it does mean that you are a witness to your faith in your workplace, university, sports-team and even at the pub on a Friday night. This session will help you understand this mission and inspire you to share your faith life with others!

  • Christian Morality| Speaker: Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, USA
    As followers of Christ, we do not abide by rules; rather, we are called to study the gospel message and Church teachings, allowing ourselves to be shaped by God’s word working through us. Bishop Jaime Soto, visiting from the Diocese of Sacramento (USA), talks to us about the importance of being grounded in God’s teachings in an increasingly secular society and how we as Catholic Christians can help to bring about a more compassionate and Christ-like response to challenges we encounter in our lives.

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