Further resources

Richard Gaillardetz “Towards a contemporary theology of the diaconate” Worship vol. 79, no. 5 (2005) pp. 419-438.
John N. Collins “Fitting Lay Ministries into a Theology of Ministry” Worship vol. 79, no.2 (2005) pp. 209-222
Anthony Gooley “Deacons and the Servant Myth” The Pastoral Review November 2006.
Use the tab ‘previous articles online’ This excellent synopsis of the studies of John N. Collins provides a way to integrate the more usual view of the servant character of deacon with the convincing work of Collins. The author is the prostrate candidate at ordination photographed in the brochure. Michael Evans “The Deacon: an Icon of Christ the Servant” The Pastoral Review July 2006.
Website: www.thepastoralreview.org A popularization of the approach to be found in the Basic Norms for the Formation of Permanent Deacons. See above, no. 7. Website: www.auspriest.org at the tab ‘deacons’ then the tab ‘bulletins’ has bulletin 78 devoted to the permanent diaconate.
 The Swag Winter 2006, pp. 30-31 had a short review of the presence of permanent deacons in Australia. The photo on the cover of the brochure of Deacon Peter Devenish-Meares of Brisbane with his wife and family after his ordination was found there.
Website: www.deaconsplace.info has a good selection of articles. Those of Gooley and Evans can be found there. Here Fr Bill O’Shea writes about the approach taken in the Archdiocese of Brisbane. Deacon Gary Stone writes of his experience as a military chaplain, husband and grandfather. Bishop Anthony Fisher writes on the theology of the diaconate. 
Catechesis by Pope John Paul II on 6, 13 and 20 October 1993 can be found at www.vatican.va For a look at the international discussion board of deacons go to www.deaconsplace.info