Fundraising resources

We encourage groups to start fundraising. To help you with ideas, download our fundraising guide below! 
Our new fun fundraising ideas sheet can be downloaded below and to supplement that, we have our Pilgrim Sponsorship Sheet which can be downloaded at A3 size (2 pages). 
Parish Support Collection 
We strongly believe that ACYF is an event that every young person in Australia should experience at least once in their lifetime. That's why, along with the financial support being provided by the CEM, CDF and the wider business community, parishioners around the Archdiocese will be invited to participate in the Melbourne Pilgrimage Appeal, taking place across parishes on the last weekend July (27-28). Parishes should receive their information packs for by 18 July so it’s a great chance to promote your group’s participation in the Festival and be supported by your parishes and communities. Funds from the appeal will be collated to a central fund for Melbourne pilgrims.
A powerpoint slide has been prepared for use in parishes and can be downloaded HERE.
A digital copy of the Pledge Card can be found HERE