Chaplaincy Sunday Appeal

We are the Church. And our lay Chaplains are our ambassadors who gently enable the lived expression of the values of the gospel among those who sit at the edges of our society. Please give generously to the appeal so that our Chaplains may continue to be

 “Our Companions of Hope”.

Sunday 20 May 2018
“As it is, these remain: faith, hope and love; and the greatest of them is love.”

(I Corinthians 13:13) 
The 2018 Melbourne Catholic Archbishop’s Charitable Fund, Chaplaincy Sunday Appeal, is focused on the great work of our dedicated Prison Chaplains. Scattered throughout our state of Victoria are 15 prison and correctional centres in which there are approximately 7,200 residents, 512 of whom are women. Representing the Church, these Prison Chaplains represent each one of us in our Communities of Faith and visit every prison and correctional centre in Victoria where they listen, connect and endeavour to understand and comfort people feeling lost or abandoned, and extend support to prisoners’ family members, or the significant people in their lives.
“There are difficult moments in life, but with hope the soul goes forward and looks ahead to what awaits us.”
Pope Francis 
Prison Chaplains provide a range of supports including:
  • Confidential, compassionate, non-judgemental listening
  • Having someone to pray with
  • A weekly catholic mass and a weekly prayer service
  • Connecting them to other supports and services
  • Spiritual readings and symbols of the catholic faith, such as crosses, bibles and rosary beads
  • Personal visits to maximum, medium and minimum security prisons, as well as to people in solitary confinement
  • Helping them through loss and grief
  • Help to adjust to new surroundings.
Our Prison Chaplains work as part of an interfaith network, working alongside chaplains from many other faith groups.

Please give generously to the appeal so that our Chaplains may continue to bring hope for a way forward for the lives of these people and be messengers of our God’s mercy, love and compassion.

Chaplaincy Sunday celebrates the compassionate face of the Church as it immerses itself in the human stories of brokenness. Our lay Chaplains walk with people in the experience of illness and hospitalisation; with people living with the stigma and isolation of HIV/AIDS; with the residents who are imprisoned in the 15 prisons scattered across the state; and with young people in Youth Justice Centres.

 For further information call the Office of Philanthropy on 9926 5731 or email