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Hosted at St Paul Apostle Parish.  The service had been prepared by the women of Slovenia.  Some of Read More…

WID  IMG_4801.JPG  IMG_4806.JPG  IMG_4812.JPG  IMG_4815.JPG 

20118_2053.jpg  20118_NP_1066.jpg  Altar  Banner on cross.jpg  crucifix.jpg  DSCF0960.jpg  DSCF0986.jpg  DSCF1009.jpg  DSCF1011.jpg  DSCF1012.jpg  DSCF1036.jpg  DSCF1044.jpg  DSCF1051.jpg  DSCF1071.jpg  DSCF1124.jpg  DSCF1194.jpg  DSCF1239.jpg  DSCF1331.jpg  DSCF1340.jpg  DSCF1344.jpg  gifts.jpg  IMG_4214 (1).JPG  International womens day.JPG  Welcome  Main cross 1.jpg  Eucharist  prayer room.jpg  Tabernacle.jpg  20191022_112255.jpg  PIC1  PIC2  our church 

congregation 2.jpg  congregation.jpg  DSCF0968.jpg  DSCF0972.jpg  DSCF1095.jpg  DSCF1211.jpg  DSCF1300.jpg  IMG_1606.jpg  P1011393.jpg  Reader ministry.jpg 

altar servers  DSCF1094.jpg  DSCF1293.jpg 

Childrens liturgy.jpg  DSCF1227.jpg  DSCF1228.jpg 

communion ministry.jpg  communion to the sick.jpg  DSCF1219.jpg 

Flower1  Flowers2  DSCF1017.jpg  Floral ministry.JPG  flowers & font.jpg  flowers 1.jpg  flowers 2.jpg  flowers3.jpg  P1011425.jpg  Christmas flower.JPG 

Easter  CIMG9006.jpg  CIMG9013.jpg  CIMG9024.jpg  Good friday  East vigil  Easter blessing  Easter blessing 2  easter candle.jpg  Easter rcia baptism.jpg  holy thursday   Washing of the feet  Holy Thurs  Holy thursday gifts.JPG  palm sunday 2.jpg  palm sunday.jpg  Holy Week  Easter Vigil  Stations 1.JPG  Stations 2.JPG  Stations 3.JPG  Stations 4.JPG  stations 5.JPG  stations 6.JPG  stations 7.JPG  Good Friday  Washing of the hands.JPG 

Advent Banners.jpg  Confirmation  Sewing Group.jpg  Sewing grp.jpg 

IMG_3960 (1).jpg  P1011349.jpg  P1011351.jpg  Christmas play.JPG 

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