Nazareth Catholic Parish

Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

Weekly Bulletins

PDF22.09.19 24th Sunday OTDownload
PDF15.09.19 24th Sunday OTDownload
PDF18.08.2019 20th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF11.08.2019 19th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF4.08.2019 18th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF28.7.2019 17th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDFCorrected 21.7.2019 16th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF21.7.2019 16th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF14.7.2019 15th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF7.7.2019 14th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF30.06.2019 13th Sunday OT Year CDownload
PDF23.06.2019 The Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ Year CDownload
PDF16.06.2019 The Most Holy Trinity Year CDownload
PDF9.06.2019 Pentecost Sunday Year CDownload
PDF02.06.2019 the Ascension of the Lord Year CDownload
PDF26.05.2019 6th Sunday of Easter Year CDownload
PDF12.05.2019 4th Sunday of Easter Year CDownload
PDF05.05.2019 3rd Sunday of Easter Year CDownload
PDF28.04.2019 2nd Sunday of Easter Year CDownload
PDF07.04.2019 5th Sunday of Lent Year CDownload
PDF31.03.2019 4th Sunday of Lent Year CDownload
PDF24.03.2019 3rd Sunday of Lent Year CDownload
PDF17.03.2019 2nd Sunday of Lent Year CDownload
PDF09.03.2019 1st Sunday of LentDownload
PDF03.03.19 8th Sunday OTDownload
PDF24.02.19 7th Sunday OTDownload
PDF17.02.19 6th Sunday OTDownload
PDF3.02.19 4th Sunday OTDownload
PDF10.02.19 5th Sunday OTDownload
PDF27.01.19 3rd Sunday OTDownload
PDF20.01.19 2nd Sunday OTDownload
PDF13.01.2018 The Baptism of the LordDownload
PDF23.12.18 4th Sunday AdventDownload
PDF16.12.18 3rd Sunday AdventDownload
PDF9.12.18 2nd Sunday AdventDownload
PDF2.12.18 1st Sunday AdventDownload
PDF25.11.18 Christ the King Year BDownload
PDF18.11.18 32n Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF11.11.18 31st Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF4.11.18 30th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF21.10.18 29th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF7.10.18 27th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF30.09.18 26th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF23.09.2018 25th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF16.09.2018 24th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF9.09.2018 23rd Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF2.09.18 22nd Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF26.8.18 21st Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF19.8.18 20th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF12.8.18 18th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF5.8.18 18th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF29.7.2018 17th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF22.7.2018 16th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF15.7.2018 15th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF8.7.2018 14th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF1.7.2018 13th Sunday OT Year BDownload
PDF24.6.2018 the Nativity of St John the Baptist Ordinary Time Year BDownload
PDF17.6.2018 11th sunday Ordinary Time Year B Download

Daily Readings


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If you are looking for the readings of the coming weekend mass, click on the box above.  When the Universalis page opens, look to the right and click on the correct date.

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