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Our Schools need your Vote... for a Re-Use Center

Two of our schools - Nazareth and St Therese  - have partnered together to develop a Re-Use Center, and they need our vote to become successful in receiving a grant from Pick My Project (a Victorian-first community grants initiative).
It is an exciting initiative for our children to be involved with, and it is something that we get really behind and give our full support to.

The project will establish a site to re-use local industry waste materials, traditionally sent to landfill, as resources for the community. This re-use site will be a catalyst for community-based workshops focused on engaging with local place and rethinking waste. The re-use centre will become a community cooperative, empowering families to actively contribute to the managing of the re-use centre and delivery of workshops using re-use materials.

The purpose of this project is to build connected and participating communities engaged with the environment and community in the rural and regional areas within Geelong and the Surf Coast. The population in these areas is expected to grow over 43% during the next 20 years, with many people moving from outside the area. The re-use centre will be a place for gathering together towards a common goal of connecting to the place where they live, and caring for the environment, supporting practices of re-use, recycle, and rethink to a young growing community.

● Voting is really easy and takes about 2 minutes!
● To vote, you need to be a Victorian resident and aged 16 or over
● Visit Pick My Project and register online

VOTING CLOSES at 5pm, Monday 17 September 2018, so do it now so you don't forget!