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Lisieux CPS Art Show 2018

Did you manage to get to the Art Show?  If not, here is a little of what you missed.

This weekend we have had a wonderful opportunity to have a look, albeit a limited one, at our latest school - Lisieux Catholic Primary School, Torquay North.
Although the buildings have not yet been completed to occupancy, Principal Susan Ryan, prevailed upon the construction team to make ready some internal spaces so that the planned Inaugural Art Show could proceed. And what a delight it was! Displays of student art and craft were colourful, diverse and creative and they all complimented the creativity of local artists who had refurbished chairs as unique artworks, for the silent auction.
See the photos below as a small example of the work on show. 
The last couple of photos look out through the windows, and give an indication of the views our children, parents and staff will be enjoying in the future. [Please note though, the views will not always have the machinery as part of them!] 
Speaking with a couple of visitors, it is evident that this school already is, and will continue to become an unbridled experience of learning for all a  within the Torquay community in beautiful purpose-built learning spaces.

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