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Grovedale, Torquay and Anglesea

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A Special Request from Susan Ryan to Parishioners

Do you have any items to contribute to our play-based learning facilities?

Dear Parishioners
I've been in the fortunate position of having many members of the community ask me how they can help in setting up our school. If you follow the Lisieux Facebook page or Instagram account you will know that I put out a call for local carpenters to assist with playground construction - thank you so much to those who volunteered! I'm thrilled with the response.

500th Anniversary of the Reformation

In Wittenberg on 31 October 1517, Martin Luther posted ninety-five theses concerning abuses he saw in the church. The consequences of that action were no doubt unforeseen by him at the time, yet their effect has shaped the religious and cultural history of the west ever since. The date and the event have become symbolic of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. The anniversary of the Reformation in 2017 cannot go unnoticed.

Q&A with Susan Ryan (newly appointed Principal at Lisieux CPS)

Susan Ryan has recently been appointed as the foundation principal for our third schoool, Lisieux Catholic Primary School, and welcome her appointment with joy and thanksgiving. You will see why as you read through the Q&A set out as a way of introducing her to the wider parish community.  

Melbourne Catholic interviewed the Parish

Recently, Peter Byrne and Rosabella Dorman (from Melbourne Catholic magazine) visited the Parish and interviewed Fr Linh and several others. They created a video of the interviews - see what you think!  


During the first week of the July holidays parents, past students, CEM staff and teachers travelled to the school that we help support in KonTum, Vietnam. The 50 girls at the convent, along with Sr. Simone and Sr. Throung were most welcoming. 

The trip had three main foci:

  • Re-establishing connections
  • Women’s health
  • Digital connection

Congratulations are in Order

Archbishop Hart celebrated the Golden Jubille of his ordination to the priesthood recently. We offer him every best wish and our congratulations as he reflects upon those years.  We pray too that he may continue in good health to serve God's people.

Our Children are preparing to receive their First Eucharist

What a joy it was to have all our children at Mass with us recently. 

There are Changes Happening

Families move house and so do Parish Priests...and even Parish offices! Read what is happening here in our Parish.

Lisieux CPS begins.

Traditionally, we ask seek the Lord's blessing at the commencement of the building process of a new building.

Visit of Fr Des Fitzgerald CSsR

Fr Des Fitzgerald CSsr dropped a pearl of great price when he visited the parish and was guest homilist one weekend in February.

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