Parish Information Regading COVID-19

The information below was last updated Monday 23 March, 3:45 p.m.

Holy Spirit Parish specific information will be posted here.  More general information from Catholic Archdiocese Melborne will be posted in the section below.

Suspension of Public Masses, Confessions and Group Meetings: Effective 18 March 2020

There are no longer any scheduled masses at Holy Spirit. The Bishops of Victoria have written an update regarding COVID-19. Of note is the immediate suspension of public Masses. This will be a difficult moment, and every encouragement is offered as clergy and parish staff seek to explain sensitively to our people the reasons why Mass will not be offered as a public celebration.

We will continue to make The Word, our parish newsletter, available for you each week on the website.

Similarly confessions and all group meetings are suspended until further notice.

Suspension of the Chapel for Private Prayer: Effective 23 March 2020

In accordance with the further instructions from the Government and the Archbishop, the Church and Chapel are both closed for worship and prayer. No masses, communion services or other gatherings will take place until further notice. The parish office will be staffed from Tue – Fri 9am – 4pm but we ask that you contact us via phone, 9876 1077, or email,

Note: The following are now in part superseded by the above regarding the closure of the chapel.

More Holy Parish specific details are in the Parish Letter. READ: Parish Letter (20/03/2018).

Now what? Online Mass and other resources

READ: Letter from the Bishops of Victoria (18 March 2020)

Further Holy Spirit updates will be posted on this page. May God bless and guide our parish.

Holy Spirit Parish Community Groups

Holy Spirit is a vibrant parish community driven in large part by its many active groups. These groups are organised in portfolios as follows:
  • Community and Hospitality - events that provide opportunity for fellowship and often requires/enhanced with the provision of food, drinks and fun activities.
  • Liturgy and Celebration - relates to all things liturgical including the special occasions of Holy Week, Easter, Christmas, Pentecost, the Sacraments, etc.
  • Faith and Witness - involves provision of opportunities and programs to support faith formation and growth.
  • Service and Outreach - incorporates those activities specifically aimed and designed to provide a service within or beyond the parish for the individual or common good.
Click on the links in the chart to learn about each group.
For more information about the groups and their activities go to Parish Group Reports from the Parish Annual General Meetings.


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