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Living Icons

Love and salvation are for most of us, discovered within the ordinariness of every day family life. God chooses ordinary and imperfect people – mums and dads – to reveal his extraordinary love. For this reason, Pope Francis describes married couples as "living icons" of God's creative love.
This year, the Archdiocese of Melbourne's Life, Marriage & Family Sunday takes up this idea with the theme: Living Icons - Mothers, Fathers and the Gospel of the Family. Resources created, look at the unique yet complementary gifts of motherhood and fatherhood and the powerful role, parents play in raising and forming their children. While none of us are perfect, children are best served when those they look up to – especially their parents – resolve never to stop striving for the perfection that Christ calls us to (Mt 5:48). The resources below have been designed to give practical suggestions and tips to encourage all, in the daily realities of family life. 
Life, Marriage & Family Sunday Resources
Living Icons Videos
An Introduction from Archbishop Peter A. Comensoli 

Living Icons Full Video 

1. The Family - Our First Experience of Love

2. The Importance of Parents
3. Families Aren't Perfect 
 4. Mums & Dads - Distinct Yet Complementary 

5. Motherhood & Fatherhood 
6. The Importance of Rough & Tumble Play
7. Mothers & Fathers - Different Styles of Play

8. Mothers & Fathers - Different Styles of Discipline 

 9. Making Our Families Icons of Love

Other resources mentioned in Living Icons
"Do you have time to play with your kids?" - Pope Francis
In this video Pope Francis implores parents to spend time playing with their children, for it is also through play, that values and the faith are transmitted.
 The importance of roughhousing with your children 
In this video, Brett McKay outlines the importance of rough and tumble play with children. Using research, he shows how roughhousing provides a range of benefits for kids including learning important life skills and lessons. 
 Online documents
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