Farewell from Father Shibu Joseph

Saturday 28 April 2018

My dear Friends,
I am amazed at how time flies. More than seven years have passed since I first came to the communities of Park Orchards and Ringwood North. As I glance at those years, I realize that God has been wonderfully gracious to me in different ways through these communities. How lucky I am to have been in these communities for these years. Perhaps I was the luckiest priest in the Archdiocese of Melbourne to be in the best community of people.

It is truly an honour, a privilege and I am really joyful for having spent these years of priestly ministry with you. I am truly edified and have grown through the many challenges which could become the stepping stones for me to minister to my next phase of life.

As the journey continues, I must take my leave. I shall never forget the love, kindness and support which you have shown to me all these years and of course your tolerance and forgiveness of my many imperfections. Together we have journeyed, laughed and celebrated. I shall ever remember these, the happiest days of my life. I am ever grateful to the parish of St. Gerard & St. Anne for providing me with suitable accommodation.

Where I will go after this assignment will be determined later. I will be spending some time with our Pallottine Community for some spiritual direction as I make my transition from here to a new assignment.

Be sure of my prayers for you all. Keep me in your prayers as I need them a lot. I confidently entrust each and every one of you under the guidance and protection of our parish Patrons Holy Spirit, St. Anne and St. Gerard.

With my deep Affection & Prayers,

Fr Joe

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