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Looking ahead!

With all our pilgrims safely home (except those who have extended their European visit!), we have wrapped up a lot of pilgrim reflections and videos. Thanks to all those who have been part of the journey either in Poland or at home. We hope that these "good news" stories full of hope, faith, friendship and love rekindle the faith in many and burn more brightly in others. On behalf of the Melbourne Archdiocese, thanks all those involved in World Youth Day and those at home for their support. We hope to continue to see all of you inspired and at some of our events in the near future.
Panama 2019 will be another adventure full of challenges and joys. Details are obviously not planned just yet but in about 12-18 months, more details will become available. In the meantime, we have the Australian Catholic Youth Festival in Sydney, December 2017 to look forward as we gather around 10,000 young Australian Catholics aged 15-25 in Sydney for three amazing days. This will kick off our 2018 Australian Year of Youth - a time to celebrate the young church.
So looking ahead, here is a little teaser clip from Panama and one a little closer to home, looking at the Year of Youth....

Headed home

Our pilgrims are all bound for Melbourne on an assortment of flights. Below is a pilgrim reflection written by a pilgrim instead of as a video. Also as a bit of a wrap up, here is all the papal addresses from World Youth Day in one easy PDF for you...

IMG_0336.JPG  13886450_1148893988465564_7518646359762349066_n.jpg  13887138_1243041555708778_3785475675482564572_n.jpg  13900138_1148893831798913_6409512721297250809_n.jpg  13900357_1148894131798883_4756672042932718176_n.jpg  13935015_10154423740799586_2884301704660145093_n.jpg 

Departing Wisla...

Latest pilgrim images as our first plane load of pilgrims begin leaving Warsaw!

13680692_1177634398942102_8510392293386134278_n.jpg  13723915_10157318987625217_2349501630542129600_o.jpg  13873231_10153713647596700_8280577836208861780_n.jpg  13882428_10208754348528106_4981943335295218739_n.jpg  13895359_10154551406889835_5880583868704998694_n.jpg  13906811_10208754351568182_8272625664089708_n.jpg  13907042_10208754352088195_4924819131038261070_n.jpg  13925233_635056536668653_4535384505150390374_n.jpg  13925260_1341688972511478_1159624620327840073_n.jpg  13925389_1762895827318771_5586475313777070842_n.jpg  13935027_10208754348288100_4239810747980962423_n.jpg  13938368_10208754349608133_6957795882164016078_n.jpg 

Arrival in Wisla

The pilgrims have arrived in the Polish ski resort town, Wisla for some relaxation and reflection. There is no snow because it's Summer but the view is beautiful! Some images from the last day in Krakow too.

13658933_1146344002053896_8019172399710557462_n.jpg  13680997_10154386408708200_7876394763084915557_n.jpg  13782291_10208700712667243_2647847849922794646_n.jpg  13872801_634109640096676_2854803297829298245_n.jpg  13876168_10208707354473284_6003337751502970092_n.jpg  13876230_1146393082048988_5702504525568459800_n.jpg  13892311_1146343962053900_3305398542994130833_n.jpg  13895200_634109656763341_4546119631119416461_n.jpg  13898154_10155071700688294_1444413400_o.jpg  13900164_10153844088042993_116643228011535291_n.jpg  13909316_10157305401480217_4236460428051295319_o.jpg  13912880_10208737434905276_6802929213087185920_n.jpg  13920772_308666066135955_2320418680877470984_n.jpg 

Long walk home...

Our pilgrims returned safe and sound (though a little weary) from the final Mass, now they will head to a relaxing and reflective retreat for a couple of days to process their experiences at Krakow. Some pilgrim images below, videos to come!

13256124_633747060132934_3990968789812793044_n.jpg  13615412_633746936799613_8240736621449415057_n.jpg  13669553_10157131663060212_3180784681404154515_n.jpg  13669649_10154424650668035_8998897759834178626_n.jpg  13669688_10154331295085561_4356136927080551074_n.jpg  13680545_10154424164083035_3849349273288846923_n.jpg  13680665_10154424164208035_6878766997731053320_n.jpg  13681849_10155068677588294_1463540685_o.jpg  13686517_10154447962997472_3906096959328751113_n.jpg  13686779_10154447963897472_6439332638444825252_n.jpg  13876280_10154424650488035_7634188525711552080_n.jpg  13882613_10157131663410212_1162114676924217414_n.jpg  13891836_10157131663045212_7107410787923421737_n.jpg  13891888_633743776799929_4323636601842239115_n.jpg  13895398_10154424164458035_6258276790305145877_n.jpg  13898460_10155068677473294_1327020357_o.jpg  13902075_10155068677448294_1606817019_o.jpg  13902655_10154447964692472_4149051194250548590_n.jpg  13912636_10154447963172472_1061059549841756259_n.jpg  13912685_10154424651088035_5503279496085624179_n.jpg  13920728_10154331295615561_6123525715594607273_n.jpg 

Update from Bishop Mark

Saturday, our young pilgrims walked from AGH Uni where we are staying in student accommodation in Krakow to the field 15 kms away where the Pope will celebrate Mass with us on Sunday. This field, called Campus Misericordiae, has been prepared for the occasion. We hiked carrying backpacks and sleeping bags, since we’ll spend the night in the field. Along the way, hundreds of Polish people came out from their homes to give us fresh water and, in some cases, even to hose us down to help us keep cool on this 30 degree day. One of us had mild heat stroke and was revived in a first aid tent.

Walking to Campus Misericordiae on of our groups of pilgrims was stopped by the police and then the Pope went past three metres away. He looked at us and waved. Three young people gave testimonies from their lives of their need for God and then the Pope spoke really powerfully. He called on us not to be couch potatoes but to change the world. Fear and her twin sister paralysis are not for us; we are to be missionaries of hope. 'Fight for your future. Don't let others decide it for you. Be ready to respond to the dreams that God has for you,' he said.
We are to build bridges, not walls.  "The first bridge? Reaching out and taking hold of the hand of the person by your side. All of you, join hands & give them a squeeze." And 1.5 million of us were linked - Russian and Ukranian, Middle Easterner and European, American and Mexican, Australians with all the world. The sense of world unity was overwhelming.
We then knelt on the ground as the Pope led us in adoration of Jesus in the blessed Sacrament while the Divine Mercy chaplet was sung. During the night, after the pope left the field, chapels for adoration were opened and stayed open all night and priests available for confession in many designated areas. We prayed when we could and slept (or at least lay on the ground) when we couldn't.
One of our pilgrims is making his first Reconciliation tonight at the Vigil and first Communion tomorrow at the Pope's Mass. He is a baptised Catholic but had no desire to take that further when he came. Experiences on the trip have lead him to want to put Jesus at the centre of his life or at least to take another step in that direction. He has asked if he can be confirmed on the retreat we are making after WYD before coming home and we are excited as this will be a moment of recommitment for us all.
We began our six and a half hour walk with Mass at which Bishop Curtin preached beautifully. In the context of the day's Gospel on the beheading of John the Baptist,  he talked about the senseless death of the priest in France and the holiness found even in the Nazi death camps which are close to Kraków.
He went on: 'Etty Hillesum, a Dutch Jew deported from Holland and who died at Auschwitz wrote, "If peace is to come one day, it could only be true if each of us first makes peace in ourselves, removes every feeling of hatred for any race or people, or takes charge of such feelings and changes them into something else, perhaps in time even into love. Is this too much to ask?  Indeed it's the only solution." If we are to walk this path, and our walk today to Campus Misericordiae is its physical, symbolic expression, then there are choices to be made,' and talked about the choice to love rather than hate.  (Full text in previous blog)

+ Mark Edwards OMI
Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne

Pilgrim Walk and Vigil

Pilgrims are at the final vigil in Krakow, having a sleep right now before the final Mass with Pope Francis (where the location for the next World Youth Day will be announced...), Some pictures here of pilgrims on their journey, videos to come! To watch the Mass live broadcast, tune in to:
Below is the text from Bishop Terry Curtin's homily pre-walk...
Our gospel gives us a sorry little story about Herod, John the Baptist and a dancing girl. That John who was called to announce the coming of the Messiah should meet his earthly end like this! And in such a brutal way. But beheadings as we know only too well in these days are not things of the past, and our hearts cringe each time we hear of another killing in this or a similar way.

On 26 July, just five days ago, Fr Jaques Hamel, an 84 year old priest was killed in Saint Etienne du Rouvray, a suburb of Rouen in northern France while celebrating morning Mass. Two young men, aged 17 and 19, inspired by the so-called Islamic State's terrorism, had entered the church and took five people hostage, seriously wounding one and taking Fr Jaques' life. They cut his throat.  He was a gentle, humble man, much loved by the locals, who has been quoted as saying that priests never retire, (note that boys!), who sought to do what he could even in his mid-80s.

Some of us have been to Auschwitz and Birkenau, where over a million people were put to death - but where under God's grace saints were made!  Dom Christian de Cherge, prior of the Cistercian monastery of Tibhirine in the Altas Mountains of Algeria drew upon that grace when ten years ago Islamic violence came ever closer to them, a violence that eventually led to his death and that of six of his fellow monks by beheading.  In his spiritual diary he wrote that he found himself turning more and more to these words of Etty Hillesum, a Dutch Jew deported from Holland and who died at Auschwitz.

She wrote, "If peace is to come one day, it could only be true if each of us first makes peace in ourselves, removes every feeling of hatred for any race or people, or takes charge of such feelings and changes them into something else, perhaps in time even into love. Is this too much to ask?  Indeed it's the only solution."

If we are to walk this path, and our walk today to Campus Misericordiae is its physical, symbolic expression, then there are choices to be made.  As I go about my day I could do everything any other decent person would do, but with a Christ-centred motive. I could be polite to my impolite neighbour not because he or she deserved politeness, but because politeness is my policy. I could bring my sick friend the help they need, not to get good spiritual marks, but because he or she is my friend and I love them.  I could say "yes" joyfully because that would allow me to take part in the flow of the world's give and take. I could say yes because yes, whenever possible, is my stance. I could contribute my praise, my prayer, my silence, my stories to the world, knowing that to contribute with love always bears fruit.

St Augustine in his writings uses the phrase, "I happened upon myself." In the course of the journey we happen upon ourselves. Our pilgrimage in these days is part of that discovery.

In my reading I came across this prayer, which you might like to make your own, especially as you camp out under the stars (we hope!) tonight:
"Lord, help me to lie fallow every so often and reassess what or whom I'm working for, living for.
Help me to enjoy the quiet morning and the still-point of the evening; the light of the moon and incessant, slow but steady movement of the universe that fills me with love.

Help me to accept myself the way I am, not giving up the idea of healing and growth, but giving up the idea that I am ever going to reach some future point where I can rest. I can rest here." 

13646926_10155063547763294_1449412363_o.jpg  13765897_10154385169501639_8293745806570555044_o.jpg  13838249_10155063484788294_1925860602_o.jpg  13898397_10155063549773294_2105180876_o.jpg  13898736_10155063489648294_1993322411_o.jpg 

The Way of the Cross and more...

Today's update - more photos (videos to come, please be patient as we sort them out!)... Groups traveled to the Divine Mercy Shrine and the relics of JPII. They also experienced the Way of the Cross and tomorrow they will head off on their 15km trek to the site for the final WYD Mass with Pope Francis!

13626510_307712769564618_7644832701882890522_n.jpg  13669205_10157122120430212_8038349445479468404_n.jpg  13669827_10157122120410212_3795770989622255903_n.jpg  13682503_10155060924793294_65172658_o.jpg  13686658_1264074466950870_8593754080129714257_n.jpg  13708335_529175610603360_2022362605690340698_o.jpg  13876355_10153702375251700_9144731602552648668_n.jpg  13876485_10153702373031700_1623524002637939758_n.jpg  13879188_10153702369121700_4394077802179084264_n.jpg  13882364_10154442546947472_3803112419625674587_n.jpg  13882549_10153700814646700_4025180501397471780_n.jpg  13892002_1264074516950865_4228167264531840480_n.jpg  IMG_0130.JPG  IMG_0141.JPG  IMG_0142.JPG  IMG_0133.JPG  IMG_0147.JPG  image_1.jpeg  image_2.jpeg  image_3.jpeg  image_4.jpeg  image.jpeg 

More great pilgrim images

Lots of great pilgrim images came through overnight! Stay tuned for more!

A little pilgrim tale:

Spraining your ankle playing footy isn't the best way to start World Youth Day, you feel like its over, you won't be able to experience it to its fullest, but my sprained ankle shown me mercy in the most incredible and surprising way. After being on crutches for the second day, I was quite fatigued and it didn't help that the taxi driver couldn't drive any closer to blonia Park, as the weather was turning for the worse, I started hobbling the 2 or so kilometres it was until the park for opening mass. As I was quite sore, my pace was slow, which is when I hear someone offer to carry me, but at first I was too prideful to accept, but he insisted so I couldn't say no. The man who piggy-backed me the distance was James, a pilgrim from Melbourne traveling with the Maitland diocese, and his act of kindness was an incredible display of the mercy of God through others and the willingness of other pilgrims to lend a helping hand, so I can truly say that my sprained ankle was a blessing in disguise

- Josh Alegre, Krakow Connect, Sandhurst Diocese


_MG_2202.JPG  13658948_10205078918451472_7300964855693336732_n.jpg  13681931_10153761435866299_1648106918_o.jpg  13717240_10154435755984319_2163321616740843087_o.jpg  13735042_10154350841726460_2179886997723526060_o.jpg  13754122_632589356915371_2617519378042449881_n.jpg  13833102_10153761436056299_899627366_o.jpg  13833146_10153761436146299_1551413849_o.jpg  13833304_10153761435916299_336958029_o.jpg  13836007_10153761436311299_1548028935_o.jpg  13843412_10153761435981299_615932925_o.jpg  13843626_10153761435921299_387375209_o.jpg  13844198_10153761435961299_267286390_o.jpg  13873020_10153699654786700_578123853666614812_n.jpg  13876573_1173585269347015_9076455762285191208_n.jpg  13879252_1173585076013701_506936151749363436_n.jpg  13880292_10210505401777107_6719165543848314864_n.jpg  13882549_10153700814646700_4025180501397471780_n.jpg  13882552_632589130248727_6730336194646485292_n.jpg  13886877_1144396135582016_204080245135068708_n.jpg 

The Pope has arrived!

Pope Francis has arrived! Some thoughts from Bishop Mark and a range of pilgrim images from the last couple of days!

The Pope arrived in Kraków today and the world stopped! Bishop Pat O'Regan and I were (attempting to) returning home when our path was blocked by barricades line 2 and 3 deep with people waiting to see and glimpse the Pope. Police lined the road watching the crowd, helicopters flew above, occasional police cars (and platoons of them) raced down the road with lights and sirens screaming - all false starts for us. Then the motorcade arrived; there were maybe 5 vehicles with security men, an honour guard of a phalanx of motorcycles AND THE POPEMOBILE. The crowd waved and shouted and cheered and the he was gone - but we had seen him.

A number of our pilgrims arrived back at our base excited at having seen the Pope. All pilgrims are back in the city tonight torn between wanting to see the Pope on the balcony at 9.30 and going to the concert with Genevieve Bryant and Fr Rob Galea. The small groups seem to have broken fairly evenly between these events.

Tomorrow, we have the WYD welcoming ceremony for the Pope at a park about 1km form our base. The weather prediction is for rain (100%) and I think there would be open rebellion if we even thought of suggesting they stay home and dry!

The Pilgrims are wonderful. They are open, cooperative, flexible, resilient and looking for personal faith experiences. All are well.

Today we had our first catechesis session. Cardinal Tim Dolan from NY was the teacher. After some warm up songs, a testimony and some community building he spoke for 40 minutes on not putting off the calls from God. He was clear, personable, funny and had a good message. 500 pilgrims sitting on the floor never moved. We finished with a Q&A session and Mass.

+ Bishop Mark Edwards OMI

13615194_10154411713888035_8772856389367818454_n.jpg  13645260_10153697165401700_3495998530405619089_n.jpg  13631504_10154411714933035_393971303244702759_n.jpg  13631504_10154411714933035_393971303244702759_n.jpg  13645260_10153697165401700_3495998530405619089_n.jpg  13645297_584554758390942_5617646991332166413_n.jpg  13680526_1262163933808590_4950864577820744963_n.jpg  13680602_584554768390941_2596718066551455988_n.jpg  13691082_10209861605196373_5771697678808716779_o.jpg  13719679_299594293721051_2016361787307486384_o.jpg  13769483_584554801724271_4962575344897247431_n.jpg  13775516_10208874717200470_4833122550246271163_n.jpg  13775804_584554598390958_6952016001308043153_n.jpg  13775892_10154411716133035_2873326932637045828_n.jpg  13781949_10154411714838035_2569586296341201223_n.jpg  13833562_10153755195431099_1019561876_o.jpg  13876099_10154192995360469_6133102826343077828_n.jpg  IMG_6917.JPG  IMG_6918.JPG  IMG_6930.JPG  IMG_6942.JPG  IMG_6946.JPG  IMG_6949.JPG  IMG_6991.JPG  IMG_6993.JPG 

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