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The Year of Youth in Your Parish

Parish priests, pastoral associates, and parish leaders are invited to come and explore how your parish can use the Year of Youth to 
“Open new horizons for spreading joy”. 
Join us on a day where as we equip parishes with ideas, tools and resources to prepare for the Year of Youth in 2018. 
Registrations for the Year of Youth in Your Parish workshop day are now open.
Saturday October 21, 9:30AM - 3:30PM
Catholic Leadership Centre, East Melbourne
Individual registration: $20 / Group registration (four people): $60

Our Keynotes
New Horizons for Spreading Joy: The Year of Youth in Focus
The Australian Bishops have invited all Catholics in Australia to celebrate a Year of Youth. Bishop Mark Edwards will introduce the Year of Youth, inviting us to discern how we might use the year to ‘open new horizons for spreading joy’.
Our Workshops
Seriously Important Things You Need to Know: Child Safety in a Youth Ministry Setting
Engaging young people in the life and mission of the Catholic Church is a fulfilling ministry which comes with a serious responsibility to care for the wellbeing of all young people we meet. This workshop will explore how to apply the Archdioceses’ requirements around caring for children in the specific context of the youth ministry setting. Presented by the Archdiocese of Melbourne Office of Professional Conduct and Ethics.

What’s Your Story? Opportunities for Engaging Young People in Parish Life 
Pope Francis has said ‘The parish is not an outdated institution… because it possesses great flexibility, it can assume different contours depending on the openness and missionary creativity of the pastor and the community’. This workshop will explore strategies for parishes to initiate and sustain the engagement of young people in parish life. Includes a look at two models where this has worked successfully: YEP! Melbourne and the Parish of St James the Apostle. Presented by the Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation 

Through the Parish to the Heart of the Church: The Power of Pilgrimage
Thousands of young Australians have come home from World Youth Day transformed by their encounter with Jesus and the Church. But World Youth Day is not an alternative to ordinary youth ministry. This workshop will explore just what is so powerful about World Youth Day, what parishes can learn from the pilgrimage experience, how large events can consolidate your youth ministry strategy - and how coming home might just be the most important part of the pilgrimage journey. Presented by the Archdiocesan Office for Youth

Untapped Resources: Schools and Parishes Together
Catholic secondary schools reach 94,000 young people in the Archdiocese of Melbourne – they are the biggest way our church connects with the young, but often it feels like this connection ends with graduation. A panel of school and parish professionals come together to talk about their experiences in integrating parish and school life, giving insight and inspiration for bridging the gap. 

“Each vocation in the church has its origin in the compassionate gaze of Jesus” : Parishes the seed bed of vocations (Fr Nicholas Pearce)
In this workshop, Fr Nicholas Pearce speaks on how parishes can promote a culture of vocation and ways to help support young people who may be discerning a call to priestly or religious life. Presented by Vocations Melbourne

Navigating Tricky Terrain: Pastorally Responding to Today’s Hot Topics with Young People (Sr Bernadette Toohey MGL
Sr Kathryn Kingsley MGL)
Young people struggling with issues such as sexuality, gender identity and same-sex attraction often feel like the church is the last place they can go to for acceptance and support. As the walking church, how can we become the first place? This workshop will explore a framework for Catholics to respond pastorally and faithfully to young people and the issues they face today.

Critical Mass: Young People and the Liturgy
How can we help young people be ‘full, conscious, and active participants’ in liturgical celebrations? This workshop will explore how young people connect with the Mass, and how the Mass may be your first opportunity to welcome young people to your parish community and into a deeper relationship with Christ.  

Putting Life Together: Young Catholics in Australia
Dr Philip Hughes presents a picture of the young Church in Australia, helping us understand where young people are and how they navigate questions of faith today.

Keeping the Door Open: Young People at Risk (Garry Roach)
Homelessness, bullying, mental illness and substance abuse are just a few of the issues that young people face. Garry Roach will share practical ways that parishes can build resilience in young people, navigate their culture and identify support networks available for youth at risk. Presented by Jesuit Social Services.

Generation to Generation: Guidance for the Parents of Teenagers (Dr Andy Mullins)
It is not uncommon for parents to feel a growing gap with their teenage children in the very years when a close relationship is so important.  This workshop will examine effective ways to support parents, and how parish communities can assist with this imperative mission. Andy Mullins, author of Parenting for Character and school principal, will look at the priorities for parents in passing on their faith, teaching key virtues, and empowering young people to think for themselves. 

Young Men Rise Up (Fr Daniel Serratore MGL)
Where are all the good young men today? And why aren’t they in church? Fr Dan Serratore MGL will look at the challenges young men face today, examine some of the thriving men’s ministries in Australia and suggest how parishes can use elements of these ministries to draw young men back to church. 

Making it real: Engaging Young People through Service 
(Dr Joel Hodge)
Making a difference is attractive to many young people. The Church has a rich social justice tradition that connects to a deeper sense of spirituality. So how can parishes invite young people to make a difference through their parish community – and how can this service connect to their spiritual lives and passion for justice? This workshop will explore the theological and spiritual dimensions of social justice and provide reflections from practitioners to help parishes consider what they can do in this field.

Dynamic Parish Youth Ministry – Mission Possible 
(Fr Paul Newton)
Fr Paul Newton will look at the key steps in establishing a dynamic and vibrant parish youth ministry program – from scratch. Fr Paul has had extensive experience in the field of youth ministry and in this workshop will be giving you the nuts and bolts of how to do parish youth ministry well.

The Power of Music (Part 1) (Geneveive Bryant)
How can we help young people be ‘full, conscious, and active participants’ in liturgical celebrations? This workshop will explore how young people connect with the Mass, and how the Mass may be your first opportunity to welcome young people to your parish community and into a deeper relationship with Christ.  

The Power of Music (Part 2 - Creative Workshop) (Geneveive Bryant)
A practical workshop for singers, musicians and music ministers who have participated in The Power of Music Workshop. Participants will have the opportunity to share successes, failures and ideas with other music ministers. Learn how to plan a rehearsal tailored to involve young developing musicians. Explore contemporary music techniques and suitable ways to apply these to existing Catholic hymns and psalms.
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